Keep your furnace working when you need it! In McKinney Texas, call our certified technicians to have your system tuned up before the heating’s season gets here. Most homeowners and commercial property managers worry about staying cool during the summer. A#1 Air will keep your HVAC system operating to keep you warm in the winter, too.

When filters become clogged with debris, they cut down on a furnace’s efficiency and, over time, can cause parts to wear out faster. A permanent air screen or electronic air filter should be cleaned according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Disposable filters should be checked periodically— monthly during winter—and cleaned or changed as needed. Along with common sense precautions that should be taken, you need to keep up with preventive and scheduled maintenance.

McKenny Furnace Servicing

We sell only the top brands and heating units, but even the best wear out or break down some times. Call us today and one of our trained staff will assist you. Our knowledgeable operators will take down your information and send a certified technician to your home to assess and fix the problem. Our professional repairmen know what is needed to complete any job, so rest assured that they will come with the parts and tools necessary to complete the job as quickly as possible. During these visits our staff will show you how to avoid accidents relating to furnace maintenance as well as practice these and other techniques. As our customer, your safety is our highest priority because we know if you can be back, you will be.

Furnace Alternatives for McKinney Texas Area

One thing you might want to consideration is a heat pump. Givin the milder nature of our winters you might want to consider a straight heat pump, or if you live further north a Dual Fuel System. Both systems are heat pumps, meaning they are high efficiency, 2 way, Air Conditioners. These pumps are capable of heating or cooling a room quit well using very little power. a dual fuel system differs in one way. it has a furnace built into it as well. this helps during particularly cold winters when a heat pump would be come inefficient. There are pros and cons to both systems, so alot of thought should be put into your evaluation of the needs surrounding this decision.